February 2023: James Abraham


James Abraham is a former journalist who now edits and publishes books. His Book-broker Publishers, which he founded in 2004, has produced or edited more than 500 books in a variety of genres. Abraham is a popular writing coach, critic, and lecturer. A graduate of Oberlin College and a Florida Humanities Scholar, Abraham is the author of “Century: A People’s History of Charlotte County.” James Abraham’s childhood hero was Heinrich Schleimann, who is credited with discovering the lost city of Troy. Abraham grew up to be a journalist, and views both daily history and more in-depth work as a process similar to that of Schleimann’s. Both history and journalism entail penetrating layers of truth and experience to find answers and meaning. In his talk, he’ll discuss how local history is similarly a series of layers of constructs, each germane to the period but also influencing what came next.