The City of North Port and our community are facing difficult times regarding WMS, the preservation of the historic buildings, the degree of appropriate development, and recent changes in the direction to the WMS Master Plan. As part of our mission of historic preservation and education, and our namesake, we offer this Proclamation:

Whereas, Warm Mineral Springs contains multiple levels of significance regarding its Geology, Geothermal Hydrology, Archaeology, Paleontology, History, Architecture, and traditional historic use as a wellness spa; as well as the significance of the outflow creek, which provides critical habitat for endangered manatees in the winter when they are most vulnerable, Whereas, Warm Mineral Springs is an internationally renowned archeological site and historic property, listed on the National Register of Historic Places for evidence of some of Florida’s earliest inhabitants (listed in 1976), and for its historic 1959 mid-century modern buildings, designed by renowned architect Jack West, of the Sarasota School of Architecture (listed in 2019 by the city of North Port). And, eligible as a Traditional Cultural Property that has a strong association with the beliefs and identities of a particular culture,

Whereas, Warm Mineral Springs is a natural and cultural resource owned by the City of North Port, providing a steady income stream for profitability and sustainability to the City,

Whereas, the protection of this natural and cultural wonder is in the best interest of the public; the citizens of North Port, Sarasota County, Florida, and the nation,

Whereas, as stewards of this publicly-owned, one-of-a-kind natural and cultural resource, the City of North Port has a responsibility to see that all levels of significance noted above are taken into consideration and protected to the highest degree possible; and to protect the site and surrounding landscape that serves as a natural protective buffer, from commercial overexploitation at the expense of the resources they are responsible to protect,

Whereas, the current private/public partnership plan as outlined in Option 4 of the new development proposal for a hotel and condominiums goes against those preservation principles that were decided upon during numerous public meetings in 2019; of which its impacts are without scientific study, and could have an adverse effect on the natural and cultural significance on the National Register-listed site,

Therefore, we, the Board of the Warm Mineral Spring/Little Salt Spring Archaeological Society would like to see no development more intrusive than what was publicly agreed upon in 2019; and to prioritize stabilization and restoration of the historic buildings not contingent on development approval as currently proposed under Option 4; and approval of any development on the property and adjacent properties should have appropriate cultural sensitivity and monitoring observed during any construction. And to, protect the integrity of the geology of this karstic feature, a ceiling collapsed sinkhole which contains the only natural geothermal vent in Florida and which has been geological feature on the landscape for a minimum of 20,000 years.

On this Day 27 April 2023
Warm Mineral Springs/Little Salt Spring Archeological Society
a 501 (c)(3) not for profit corporation and Chapter of the Florida Anthropological Society

Officers and Board of Directors:
President, Kathy Gerace; Vice President, Steve Koski;
Treasurer, Marion Pierce; Secretary, Lisa Shavers;
Directors: Bill Goetz, Michelle Calhoun, Amy Dwyer,
Thalia Lewis, Joan San Lwin, Linda Massey, and Betty Nugent