Tuesday, May 9, 2023: Dr. Bob Sinibaldi


As the last Ice Age came to a close much of the mega-fauna in North America went extinct. However, there were survivors, and the story is not only often overlooked, but also important to understanding the current mass extinction we are now going through. This presentation will focus on that subject which is one small sub-chapter of the author's new book; "Ice Age Florida: In Story and Art".

Dr. Bob Sinibaldi is a past president of the Tampa Bay Fossil Club and still on their board of directors. He was a recipient of the Howard Converse Award for his contributions to paleontology in the state of Florida by the University of Florida Department of Vertebrate Paleontology in 2011. He has authored 3 books; Fossil Diving in Florida's Waters (1998), What Your Fossils Can Tell You (2011) and Ice Age Florida (2021). He has donated several hundred specimens to the UF Paleontology Department over the years.